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Let us serve you with everything you love and help you do more of it. Dream vacations. Private chefs. VIP access to your favorite restaurants and clubs. VIP concert seats. Private party planning. Luxury villa, island, and yacht rentals. VIP protection. Anything. You name it and we’ll handle. TL is here to connect you with absolutely everything you want, no hassles, and everything guaranteed. We are highly experienced in the hospitality and entertainment industry working with clients from all over the world for over 10 years. Our company is built on connectivity and our network of suppliers and partners are ready to have your expectations met and surpassed.

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Travel Planning and Lifestyle Management

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Exclusive Villa Rentals and Hotel Options


Restaurant, Club, Private Party Reservations w/ Bottle Service and VIP Access


Personal Shopping and Delivery Services

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Private Party Planning

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VIP Protection and Secure Transportation


Nightlife and Day Activities


Spa, Personal Care and All At-Home-Entertainment


Boat and Yacht Rentals, Arrangements for Boat Day


Special Tours

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Private Island Rentals


Any and All Requirements On Demand


Thirdlife Concierge (TL) is a division from our entertainment and hospitality group, legally registered and operating for more than 10 years, successfully fulfilling all and any of our client’s requirements, visiting from all over the world. Everything we do is guaranteed.

Our holding company FIRM HOSPITALITY SAS (@supremefirm) featured in important press like SEMANA and DINERO organizes and produce events such as The Wild Brunch (@thewildbrunch), small, medium, and big concerts, and owns premium and awarded clubs/restaurants in Bogotá such as Sir Frank (@sirfrankbog), NN (@nnfoodhall), KONG (@kongbog), Fauno (@faunobog), Napoleon Taberna (@napoleontaberna), Habibi (@habibires), Pollos Perez (@pollosperez), among others, and being based in Cartagena, Bogotá, Medellín, Santa Marta, and San Andrés, we are exclusive allies to the best venues in every main city in Colombia and directly connected with the best suppliers for everything.

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